Feb 19th Workshop Notes

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In last nights workshop we covered quite a few things.  Attached is the video of what the girls learned in the Opening Number. The song that we will be dancing too and some other topics.

Please make sure to pick up a journal and back back if you don't have one.

Interview Notes:

Make sure to pick up your  interview flip cards. This will help you start thinking up faster responses to questions.

Practice in the mirror,  listen for filler words you will need to over come. For example: um, so, like, ah etc.  You have a sheet of questions in your packets. Have friends and family ask you questions.  Practice helps you to improve.

Opening Number Dance:

Watch video to see what the girls learned.  I will video Camille next week counting out the steps. 

Please make sure you have long black leggings for the dance. my sponsor for the leggings has fallen through.  

Don't forget to pick up your converse shoes at Walmart. they are 10$. you can pick from any color they have in your size. They have silver glitter, black, & red 

Walking Notes: 
Please pick up nude or clear high heel shoes. They can be anywhere from  2 1/2 Inch to 5 Inch shoes. Please no platforms as those type  of shoes make lots of noise on the state.   Work on standing tall and putting your shoulders back. 

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Opening Number Dance

Thunderstruck (Crookers Remix (1) (online-audio-converter.com).mp3

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