Feb 21, 2013 Workshop

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 A few notes that I shared with the group at last nights workshop.

  • Every contestant will need to find a personal escort, we are looking for little boys this year.  So if you have a little brother than you can use him. If you don't have any little brothers or access to any nephews then let me know. I have committee members who have grandsons and sons that would love to be your escort. 

  • Make sure to check your talent music on the ASCAP website.  All music must be listed somewhere on this site for us to use it in the pageant.  You can search by name of the song or name of the artist. If you get stuck email me the information and I will search for it, for you.  website: www.ascap.com

  • We learned the opening number dance last night. There is a copy of the video on this site. See link to the right.  The video is kind of rough, i will re do it the next time the group practices the dance. This way you all can still learn the number.  

Remember to bring your contract to next weeks workshop and turn it in if you have not done so.  Also note we will be having a special Dress Workshop fro Ypsalon. ALL MOM's are invited to attend starting at 8:15.



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