Posted by Kimberly Harris on Sunday, April 15, 2012
Just a few reminders:

Tuesday is Pj party at 6:30 at Dawn Meeves house- see calendar for address if you have lost your invitation.
Wed at 5pm sharp is technical rehearsal at Orem high- please be on time and bring all your stuff
Thurs : 4-6 is Teen dress rehearsal  please bring everything and be on time.
   Dinner will be at 6pm that night
    7-9 is Miss Orem dress rehearsal.  

Have all escorts show up at 9pm to learn their part on Thrusday

Here is the interview schedule:

11:00               Interview 2011 Miss Orem- Hannah Harkness

                                    Outstanding Teens

11:15   Contestant #1              Kyla Redd

11:25   Contestant #2              McKenna Runnells

11:35   Contestant #3              Mandy Butler

11:45   Contestant #4              Hannah Felton

11:55   Contestant #5              Esther Harkness

12:05   Contestant #6              Maddi Millard


12:15               Lunch

                                    Miss Orem

12:50   Contestant #1              Sheri Millard

1:03     Contestant #2              Amy Tuttle

1:16     Contestant #3              Whitney Ison

1:29     Contestant #4              Haley Felton

1:42     Contestant #5              Samantha Frisby

1:55     Contestant #6              Alex Travis

2:08     Contestant #8              Tiffany Peterson

2:21     Contestant #9              Sydney Flanigan

                        2:34     Contestant #7              Christine Hill


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