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When your schedule just will not allow it, or you are in college and the recreational center is not a quick jog away anymore,  what is a pageant girl to do to help achieve her pageant body outside of the gym? What most girls do not know is that it is not all about doing a specific workout, there are a few more things you can do too. These tips will stick with you long after the hectic schedules and long distances from the gym.

Morning Cardio

Start your day off with a quick cardio boost first thing when your feet hit the floor, before your sleepy mind has time to convince you otherwise. I recommend a round of activities you can do in your bedroom: 10 jumping jacks, five push-ups, 15 mountain climbers, five frog jumps (do a squat to touch the floor then leap as high as you can). Repeat three times. These short five minutes every morning will be so beneficial to your body as they raise your heart rate and boost your energy. Do not forget breakfast! Get your metabolism in full swing after your quick cardio routine.

Watch What You Eat, When You Eat

Be aware of your portion sizes. Eat often, just eat less at each sitting.  There are a few ways to trick yourself into eating less that will not seem like you are setting stringent restrictions. I recommend slowing down and taking smaller bites. Take time to enjoy the food you are eating, and you will be working on your first helping and enjoying the dinner conversation as your friends are going for seconds. Try to cut meat from your diet, 1-3 days per week. This will cut hundreds of calories and encourage you to be a little more creative in your food choices. You will find yourself eating more vegetables and fruits, which your body needs. Say no to the sweets, but not every time, allow yourself the occasional treat once or twice a week, just be aware that is what it is – a treat. Do not eat late! Set a reasonable time and cut yourself off.

Boost Your Heart Rate

There are other ways to trick your body when you do not have time for the gym. Challenge yourself to boost your heart rate once an hour. Take a break from what you are doing and spend 30 seconds doing a cardio activity, like jumping jacks or jogging in place (if you are in a public place, sneak off to a bathroom. Do not make excuses!). Your goal is not to break a sweat or mess up your hair, just to breath heavily and raise your pulse. This tricks your body into thinking you are exerting more energy than you actually are, and will boost your metabolism throughout the day.

Setting Goals

If you want that pageant body, you have to work for it physically. But doing the same things over and over again will only get you so far. For example, in your workout routine you may incorporate running. Running 1 mile everyday will benefit you, but if you do it consistently and do not set goals to improve and push yourself farther or faster, you will reach a plateau. Therefore, it is important to set goals.

How far can you run without walking? Next time try and get a better time. If you can run a solid mile, can you do parts in a sprint? Whatever you choose to do set a goal and reach it, then set a different goal. It will make working out much more rewarding. If you are just beginning your workout, no goal is too small, just do not be afraid to push yourself!

Another tip is to stay focused on you. What areas of your body do you want to improve MOST? Running may help you get lean, but if you want to target your abs or arms, then it will not be nearly as effective as you desire. Using both of these mental techniques, along with the physical advice, you are on your way to a perfect pageant body—OUTSIDE the gym! You CAN do it! Get moving! =)

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