Workshop 2-9-2012

Posted by Kimberly Harris on Saturday, February 11, 2012
Workshop notes:
  1.   Next week's workshop is at Jerryne Turnball (801-358-5800)
    1.  address: 181 S 325 W, Orem
  2. Orem City Council gives away a 500 dollar cash scholarship, to received this award you will need to write a 2 double spaced paper about  your service/platform
  3. I have placed a list of online stores that sell good/ inexpensive pageant dresses - See blogroll
  4. Need to be working on your head shot for the program. I need the same photo in color and black and white.  This needs to be on a CD and is due on March 1st, 2012.
  5. I introduced the scholarship challenge- I need help gather money for the scholarship account.  I will have the details listed here tomorrow. you can contact anyone you know who would be willing to donate to the program or sell ads for the program.
  6. we will be doing our yearly service protect in tying quilts  for the Timpanogos Hospital. Start looking for your 2 yards of fabric.

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