Miss Orem 2007 Testimonial

Dear Miss Orem 2008 Contestants,

“Luck is the place where opportunity meets your preparation.” This describes my life and my reign as Miss Orem. This year has been filled with opportunities that I could have only wished for but since I was prepared, then I was lucky enough to participate in them.

I have been truly living my platform this year in every aspect of my life through service, teaching, and my own education. I have been able to go into schools and speak and show students about the importance of STEM and how it is fun. It has been a busy year filled with community service, teaching, events, and my college graduation.

My fondest memories consist of those dealing with my “kids” (my students) and seeing their excitement as they learned and accomplished tasks. It was always exciting to run into them at other various events that I was helping with, that deal with women in technology. I will treasure the friendships that I have made along my journey with all of the committee, contestants, royalty, and dignitaries. I have learned something from each of them and I hope to emulate them.

I would like to express great gratitude to my family and friends who have helped me so much this year. A special thank you to Orem city, the pageant committee, my royalty members, and my sponsors for all your generosity and hard work on my behalf. Without you, I could have never accomplished nearly as much. A sincere thanks goes to my mentor teachers, Mrs. Georgia Hillard at Rocky Mountain Middle School in Heber City, and Mr. Howard Bezzant at Riverton High School in Riverton for sharing their passion for teaching.

I do not look at tonight as the end of my adventure, but the beginning. Because of my experience with the Miss Orem Scholarship Pageant, I will continue to live my platform and promote women’s excellence. I am grateful for the memories and the experiences because they blessed my life and it is my turn to bless the lives of others.

Khristen Millecam
Miss Orem 2007