Miss Orem 2008 Testimonial

Dear Miss Orem Contestants:

To think that there is one girl reading this who will soon be crowned as the next Miss Orem! This is where it all starts girls, so hang on for the ride! Believe it or not, where this road will lead, is entirely up to you. Each of you are so talented, beautiful, deep and very capable of becoming the next Miss Orem. This program is designed to help you become your very best self. I am thrilled that each of you are here and taking a leap and trying something new. Each of you is stepping in the direction of accomplishing great things.

Each one of you girls brings something different to the table. As you go through this Miss Orem experience I strongly encourage you not to compare yourself to the other contestants. You are all special and unique, and it is because of that individuality we are able to learn from each other.

The power that each on of us has within us is un-measurable. The power of one girl could forever affect the life of others. I challenge you through your personal Miss Orem experience to give it your all and truly push yourself to become your best.
One quote I have always kept close to me is: “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest gear is that we are powerful beyond measure” our potential is limitless. If we are not the ones out there making a difference and changing the world, who will?
Krystal Millard

Miss Orem 2008